An Extra Pound Of Small Town

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We're Bound For a Small Town Good News Club!!

Child of The Valley
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There is a lot of family joy in the valley. Small town. Small church. A school of 47 pupils, six teachers and an administrator. Down at Mike's market after the last bell, we got our ice cream, chips and candy. Costs. Not much more than a dime or a quarter back in the President Kennedy era.

An American in a valley, with a village off the main highway, has a view of the world unique. pastoral and plain. The quiet difference that inhabitants of the suburbs or city would find challenging is the endless hours of quiet. The stillness has a beautiful indifference to what noise my lungs and mouth wanted to create. Eventually there would be nothing but silence.


The crow, bluejay, cow and sheep would all have their say, but nothing that would divert my brain from its steady devotion to thought.

The Mission: PARTY!

The theme is Halloween and then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and on and on for dozens of reasons. Engage your children in a party, where their friends and family are invited, and the possibilities for evangelism take off!

Unlike Bible based theme clubs, a party club centers around a story. Games, activities, treats and fellowship on a grand scale are what a Party Club is all about, but it is the story that brings a powerful Gospel message of love and faith. How we are to live for Christ is demonstrated clearly and dramatically as well.  Want to make a swift impact on your neighborhood. Throw a Party!!

Get Clubs Started O.P.!

Funding For...
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The work.  The work of club coordination, teacher training, security clearance, communication and administrative support is done by a local director and a part-time staff. Directors support raise through many varied methods in order to keep the local chapter fully funded to do the work of the ministry year after year.

All donations received through this Online Journal go to the financial support of the local director and staff. Thank you for your generous gift to the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship - Olympic Peninsula.