So Wonderful My Jesus

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

I was blessed to be saved at the age of five.

I was living in a small town at the time and life, though stingy sometimes was pretty good.

Papa and Jordan at (ages 65/9) Edmonds Car Show

The day I prayed to receive Jesus was to me just like all the others. Sundays were often glad days, free from the concerns that troubled my parents and made them sad or angry.

The only thing after that prayer was that I was different. Not just in myself. But different from others as well. Set aside, I was, and I knew it. Always knew it. In fact it was the prevailing way I would look at the world from then on. God did something inside me. I wasn't sure what. But if I did not know anything else, I did know that I was His child.

What this meant I would finally begin to understand. But there were a lot of ins and outs along the way.

May the Lord Bless and Sanctify the children who come to Him through Child Evangelism Fellowship, (CEF). Because He has chosen them and sealed them, they will never experience life the same way again. Amen.

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