The Bash

On October 31st, we attended the “Bash.” It was a fun evening with our friends and community at Kingsway Church in Sequim. The evening began with team prayer, and a warm welcome for the volunteers.

Child Evangelism Fellowship had a table in a room with games, and the candy was flowing.

Once the first child came to get her (Wordless Book colors) nails polished, we were in a steady stream of nail painting and sharing the Good News of the Wordless Book. At times, we had children waiting in line to have their “nails done.” A good amount of these girls (as the boys had no interest in this activity) knew Jesus, so we offered to let them tell us what the colors of the Wordless Book meant. (We definitely have some future CEF club leaders and Directors in the wings). It was a joy to have the children tell us the Good News.

Most of the children wanted us to pray with them, and all were open to hearing the Good News of Jesus. It was stunning to watch different children as we shared the Gospel; some became quietly emotional. We would look up from painting their nails to see big eyes welling. Holy Spirit was touching tender hearts, and we had the privilege of witnessing the whole thing. One five-year-old girl prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

This was a learning experience that deepened my sense of calling to the children of the Olympic Peninsula. Ken and I are grateful to the Lord, and to Kingsway Church for this precious opportunity.

With Gratitude,


Good News for every boy, every girl, every nation.
CEF Olympic Peninsula

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